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New grass for stonesense


I mentioned Stonesense before. It’s a visualiser for Dwarf Fortress, an ascii simulation game I’m quite fond of.

The newest version of the game had grasses added. About 40 of them. Ofcourse, Stonesense being a visualiser, needed to have new grasses too, because, as with a lot of things in Dwarf Fortress, the majority of the grasses were real-life ones, but a few were fantastical, like wriggeling Wormy Tendrils or the Downy Grass(made of down). Because making the grasses wasn’t hard, I went on a roll a drew all forty of them. On avarage, I think I used four colours per grass, leaving a sizable portion of my 256 colour pallete free.

I’m pretty proud of it, and hope others will like it as well.

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