A KH fancomic


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Author: Wolthera van Hövell tot Westerflier
Date published: march 21 2011
Rating: T
Genre and Catagories: Kingdom Hearts fancomic, Sa?x/Axel, Angst, Slash
Summary: Saïx's free day is interrupted by a bored Axel.
Warnings: N/A.
A/N: First comic to be actually presented in this viewer. I was so tired of all the other ways I had seen comics and manga presented, and since I know a little bit of JavaScript I decided to make a comic viewer of my own. You can take a look at how the sketches for the comic looked like. I used this combo of pencils, non-repro blue and ink. The tones were applied with the Gimp. I hope you'll like it a bit :)

You can use the left and right mouse keys to head forward or backward.
I do not own Kingdom Hearts or any of it's assets. This is a free fan production for fans.