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100 Sketches, part 2

So, back in the day, I had posted 100 sketches I had made between 2014 and 2016. I kept continuing into a next folder called 200+, in the hopes that I would get to the next 200…

Unfortunately, 2015 was the year in which I started doing university again, so the rate of sketches went down dramatically, to the point that 2019, the year in which I did my bachelor’s thesis, I ended drawing only 4 of the following images. I also barely remember that year.

These are of course, not the only drawings I did in this time. I filter out fan art, and of course also have an analog sketchbook that I draw in, and which was utilized frequently during lectures and tutorials. But it was a bit of a surprise to see that I only had 4 images in my sketches folder done that year.

The following gallery contains a few avif files, as I occasionally dabble in drawing in rec2020 and floating point spaces, and this format is currently the best way to view such images. Interestingly enough, getting avif support into Krita and particularly navigating all the special color management things for avif was basically my past February and March, so consider this a sneak-peek 😉 If you can’t see these files, Firefox doesn’t enable avif by default, and color management on FF is also half-disabled by default. Chrome does have both, but it’s CM is still wanting, something you’ll see when looking at the gallery below.

Some of the images have time lapses associated with them (Made with the new recorder docker in Krita 5.0). The first two, being anatomy studies are marked as ‘sensitive’, but if you have browsed through the above gallery, you will have seen them.

As from here on out, I am looking for ways to make it easier to upload my sketches so I’ll share more easily. Especially with some years being quite dry. On the other hand, maybe I’ll be even less inclined to share as several of the sketches are super basic while others are very complete. Hm… I’ll have to think this through…

By Wolthera

Artist, Krita manual writer, Color Management expert and also busy with comics creation.

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