Coding Landscapes

Some work done with the new assistants in Krita 2.9

So, a while back I added new assistants to Krita.

The demonstration for how to use them is here:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

And here’s some images I did with them:

Old Google Plus Comments

Iván Yossi
Great work! i’ve tested them and they work great. 😀
Illustrations Landscapes


I recorded the progress of this one for a perspective tutorial. But… I forgot the pauze hotkey for the screen recording program. So I ended up drawing 2ish hours non stop. My arms hurt now.


Not very clean, but I am relatively happy with it.


sleepy dragon.

Krita doodle for the week.


first wanted to make a background, then had a composition problem: Dragon inserted to solve.

Artwork Illustrations Landscapes

Swamp Concept Art 01

Some concept-art made with Krita.

Just deciding on basic colour palette.

Artwork Landscapes

Forest Scape



Just a regular forest scape made in paint-tool sai. It’s a practice with desaturated and dark colour scemes: Aka the ‘realisitic’ coloursceme of videogames these days Knipogende emoticon.

Not too happy with the leaves, need to practice their texture a bit more.


City Park Breda


I was in the city park of Breda today, and I decided to have an attempt at painting the park.
It came out nice, though blurry(couldn’t work too long as the shadows kept shifting) and I sort of have the feeling that the colours aren’t quite right, but that’s to be expected.