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Started this website

Started working on this wordpress site.

Originally this is an assignment for one of my classes, business studies, a class focused on available technologies.

Today I managed to create certain role-groups with the help of a plug-in, ‘role-scoper’, and allow those roles to be able to have certain privileges. Like, for example, I have a special category named ‘schoolwork’, which can only be viewed by the family group and the teachers group. Similarly, there’s only certain pages that can be viewed by people who are able to contribute posts. The plug-in seems to be a bit buggy though, but nothing show-stopping. I have to assign roles through the user menu rather then the roles menu for them to work, but that’s all.

Tomorrow I’ll have to finish an assignment for concept development. I’ll probly be putting that down in schoolwork as well, I could even have my Visual Design stuff on here. I might be able to get to the appearance of the site done somewhere next week, as it requires me to battle the rss file. And then there’s a forum that needs to be put down there as well.

Oh well, all in a days work.