Coding Landscapes

Some work done with the new assistants in Krita 2.9

So, a while back I added new assistants to Krita.

The demonstration for how to use them is here:

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

And here’s some images I did with them:

Old Google Plus Comments

Iván Yossi
Great work! i’ve tested them and they work great. 😀

Sketches from march 31 to april 15

Old Google Plus Comments

WoltheraSketches made with Krita after my computer got fixed, so between 31 march and 15th of april.
vanhellenberghubar.orgJe bent weer op dreef. 🙂

Making designs for my portefolio site.

Some rough designs for where I want to take my portefolio site.

WordPress has changed a lot since last time, and there’s some microblogging functionality put it, which I want to use when I set up my theme.

I also want to see whether I can identify when I’m posting comics, so that I can set up the javascript of my javascript comic viewer. Somehow.

Another problem is how to deal with the UI. There’s a good amount of  catagories, and I’ll probably make the home/gallery/portfolio pages instantly clickable, while hiding the catagories and have the about and other such pages in the footer.

I’ll also need to check whether I can get the chunks of posts to match to the screen well enough and whether I can handle the input so it’ll make use of this proper. (Also, I need to look into touchscreens and shit)

I wonder whether I should reduce the information when on mobile-phone sized screens.

/makes me almost wish that I could configure tumblr as well as I can configure wordpress. 😡

Characters Return to Fantasy

Character Model

Modeled a character, uv-mapped and textured it. Took me a pretty long time.

Will probably not continue it due to having learned enough to make a better model next time.

Characters Illustrations Streets of Ganjet

Some Streets of Ganjet test page and brush inking tests.


I’ve been practicing brush inking, and I have the feeling I’m getting somewhere. I got some nice winsor and newton brushes and I’m still happily experimenting with them. I also made a test page for Streets of Ganjet, to see if brush inked characters on a penned background, coloured in, would look good.

Unforetunatly the page ended up a bit skewed and I think I’ll have to become good friends with my mirror once I start doing future pages.


Production House: Season Project

Characters for our Production house product. The daughter, the hero, the villain and mother nature.

These images were made in vector in Inkscape, and are mostly conceptual pictures, but the final product will be made in flash.


Texture study

This is my VD1 texture assignment, I’m kinda proud of it.

We had to make a HUD(Game interface), take an element from it, and then apply different textures to it.