New grass for stonesense


I mentioned Stonesense before. It’s a visualiser for Dwarf Fortress, an ascii simulation game I’m quite fond of.

The newest version of the game had grasses added. About 40 of them. Ofcourse, Stonesense being a visualiser, needed to have new grasses too, because, as with a lot of things in Dwarf Fortress, the majority of the grasses were real-life ones, but a few were fantastical, like wriggeling Wormy Tendrils or the Downy Grass(made of down). Because making the grasses wasn’t hard, I went on a roll a drew all forty of them. On avarage, I think I used four colours per grass, leaving a sizable portion of my 256 colour pallete free.

I’m pretty proud of it, and hope others will like it as well.

By Wolthera

Artist, Krita manual writer, Color Management expert and also busy with comics creation.

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