Got a tablet pc

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I bought a tablet pc.

I’ve been wanting a tablet pc for years now, and considering the technology had become cheaper the past few years, I was constantly looking around for one that would be suitable for artists. The biggest problem in this was not that I needed 1024 presurre levels or whatever, no, the problem was the fact that most tablets nowadays are made for bussiness people and hipsters, which in the majority of the cases means no stylus. And I would hardly buy a tablet pc for fingerpainting.

I had been thinking of the Asus eee 101mt, but had read bad reviews of it. When I was looking around for tablet pc’s to try out, I came across the HP Touchsmart tm2 2000ed, I tried it out, but there was no stylus. Later I discovered to ought to be one and went back to the shop.

When I went back, I discovered they had the machine on offer because it was the last model. I ran back home to consult my sister. It was, afterall still quite a bit of money, but a very good deal none the less. My sister told me to go for it, I ran back, and I spend about an hour smiling like a moron while looking at the shopkeepers preparing and packing the thing up. This smiling like a moron gig continued while I was walking back home.

The machine itself is pretty powerful. It has a decent graphics card, 4 core processor and came with 4 gig of ram. All those specs are higher then my previous laptop. Futhermore it has windows 7 64bit installed, meaning I can make full use of those 4 gig of ram.

I had to update the bios and my battery seems to act weird(I brought it back to the shop), but otherwise I’m really happy with it :3

By Wolthera

Artist, Krita manual writer, Color Management expert and also busy with comics creation.

4 replies on “Got a tablet pc”

that laptop is better than both of my computers combined haha, BTW if you don’t remember me I used to go by badaudio on nf. I haven’t talked to you in so long, I missed our digital communications lol.

Heyo, I vaguely remember you.(Well, no, actually I do remember most of our converations in detail, so I haven’t actually forgotten you at all)

Thing is, I lost both my messenger passwords, and it seems that narutofan is dead in the water, so I lost contact with a whole lot of people.
How you doing?

yea I haven’t been on any messengers for a long time too, or been on nf, I’ve just been working and going to school. do you use Facebook at all? that is something I use often.

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