Making designs for my portefolio site.

Some rough designs for where I want to take my portefolio site.

WordPress has changed a lot since last time, and there’s some microblogging functionality put it, which I want to use when I set up my theme.

I also want to see whether I can identify when I’m posting comics, so that I can set up the javascript of my javascript comic viewer. Somehow.

Another problem is how to deal with the UI. There’s a good amount of  catagories, and I’ll probably make the home/gallery/portfolio pages instantly clickable, while hiding the catagories and have the about and other such pages in the footer.

I’ll also need to check whether I can get the chunks of posts to match to the screen well enough and whether I can handle the input so it’ll make use of this proper. (Also, I need to look into touchscreens and shit)

I wonder whether I should reduce the information when on mobile-phone sized screens.

/makes me almost wish that I could configure tumblr as well as I can configure wordpress. 😡

By Wolthera

Artist, Krita manual writer, Color Management expert and also busy with comics creation.

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