Character model: Child

We’re doing character modeling during class, and I decided to do, on top of the athletic male we had to do, a model of a child of +- 13 years old. Interestingly enough, around puberty children are proportionally pretty close to adults already, it’s just length and baby-fat that make a teenager a teenager.

My housemate wants me to rig it when I’m done modeling it, just for the fun of animating the face.

Sorceress's Tower

sorceress’ tower week 2


Week 2: one hour and and ten minutes, I’m modeling the insides.

Characters Return to Fantasy

Character Model

Modeled a character, uv-mapped and textured it. Took me a pretty long time.

Will probably not continue it due to having learned enough to make a better model next time.

Projects Sorceress's Tower

Sorceress’s Tower Week 1


A enviroment modeling project.

Did the sketches during classes, about two years ago.

Modeling took about half an hour.