Artwork Characters

Old lady concept art

I was inspired by Russian prints for the clothes.
Made with MyPaint


Character model: Child

We’re doing character modeling during class, and I decided to do, on top of the athletic male we had to do, a model of a child of +- 13 years old. Interestingly enough, around puberty children are proportionally pretty close to adults already, it’s just length and baby-fat that make a teenager a teenager.

My housemate wants me to rig it when I’m done modeling it, just for the fun of animating the face.


Compostion Study


Composition study.

First two are lines, second two are values last one is colour.

Characters Return to Fantasy

Character Model

Modeled a character, uv-mapped and textured it. Took me a pretty long time.

Will probably not continue it due to having learned enough to make a better model next time.

Projects Sorceress's Tower

Sorceress’s Tower Week 1


A enviroment modeling project.

Did the sketches during classes, about two years ago.

Modeling took about half an hour.

Artwork Characters Streets of Ganjet

Ideh, Marianne and Patrick facial studies

Next three:

Characters Streets of Ganjet

Laurens and Miloor facial studies

Working on characters for Streets of Ganjet. If I can make decent realistic versions, I’d be able to use that as reference for the stylised versions.

Artwork Characters

Onayur Berumna

I’m drawing the characters of my DnD party during sessions.


My own character first.

A Chaotic Neutral Half-Orc Bard. Dubbed by the rest of the party as the smartest character in the party due to his high sense of self-preservation. Background’s a bit shabby but I’m going to have a group picture later.

Artwork Characters

Hands Practice


Some practice with hands. Especcially those with long fingers.

Artwork Landscapes

Forest Scape



Just a regular forest scape made in paint-tool sai. It’s a practice with desaturated and dark colour scemes: Aka the ‘realisitic’ coloursceme of videogames these days Knipogende emoticon.

Not too happy with the leaves, need to practice their texture a bit more.