Got a tablet pc

Made in the gimp 2.6

I bought a tablet pc.


Production House: Season Project

Characters for our Production house product. The daughter, the hero, the villain and mother nature.

These images were made in vector in Inkscape, and are mostly conceptual pictures, but the final product will be made in flash.


New grass for stonesense


I mentioned Stonesense before. It’s a visualiser for Dwarf Fortress, an ascii simulation game I’m quite fond of.


Production house: Huey Hedgehog


For our production house we made a game called Huey Hedgehog. The project wasn’t a succes due to the majority of the team not having the skills neccesary. The project got a 6 due to the art being so great. Of course, I did all the art.

The teachers were quite strict on this poster. They didn’t like my first one, so I was told to go back and make some different designs. Then when I came back with some thumbnails they were estatic. Mostly because I was apparantly the only student who actually seemed to know what thumbnails were, but I regress. They were even more estatic about the final product. Pity that the game didn’t actually get finished.


Stonesense: Grim Dark

Stonesense is a visualiser for Dwarf Fortress.

I’m redrawing some of the graphics.

Darker Grass:

Done. You can download it here: at the Dwarf fortress file depository

Stonsense Grim Dark 0.2 is done! Download it here. May contain some graphical bugs.
last updated: july 8 2011


  • Stones
  • Sendiments(+0.1)
  • Igenous Extrusive(+0.1)
  • Igenous Intrusive(+0.1)
  • Metamorphic(+0.1)
  • Soil(+0.2)
  • Ores(+0.1)
  • Stones(+0.2)
  • Uncatergorised blocks(+0.1)
  • Gems(+0.4)
  • Vegetation
    • trees
    • herbs



    Study – Dude


    A dude I drew a week ago in painttool sai. I wanted to try out someone with rather broad or muscular limbs.

    Body-wise that went well, the face however is completely out of place. I didn’t pay too much attention to the feet or hands either.

    I’m happy with the shadows and the weight of the person on the bed.

    Tools: Painttool Sai 1.1, intuos 3 Painting size: A4, 300dpi.

    Artwork Illustrations

    Listen with the Heart

    Ludology existensialistic lectures+KH obsession+Old comic book quote= This.

    Basically, one of the old comicbooks I used to read, introduced me to the concept of listening with the heart.

    Character 1: “You’re speaking a different language, yet I can understand you.”
    Character 2: “That’s because I speak the language of the heart, a language that can be understood universally by all compassionate creatures.”

    So yeah, the idea of understanding each other without using an in-between medium.

    I got a new pen nib, and I had to get markers for school. And I figured I might as well try them out.

    Tools: Copic Markers(Warm grey 1, 3, 5, and blender), Pen nib+oriental ink.

    Canvas: Canson Bristol Board, A4-size.

    Original posting date: 20th of january.

    Site News

    Appearance: clear!

    Got most of the appearance done 🙂

    I had to work out some weird stuff with the menu, because it was overlapping with itself. But I managed to fix it with some floats and display: table;‘s, so now it’s working fine 🙂

    I also assigned all the elements fonts from the google-font directory, because I noticed the font looked different in ubuntu because windows and ubuntu don’t share common fonts. This difference was also a reason for my menu to be a bit bugged. But the change in fonts fixed that.

    Furthermore, I got a nice thing going on with posts tagged Wordy: They will now have a width proportional to the font, because I figured having a smaller page-width on pages that are wordy would be a lot more pleasant to read.  I also made a tag Portefolio which I will attach to the thing I find worthy of my portefolio. I figured it would be much easier to manipulate then just a category.

    Finally I installed a multi-lingual plug-in thing, but I haven’t had time to test it.

    I managed to get my Visual Design stuff done, I’ll post up the rest of the texture study soon.


    Concept Development 1 Essay

    My essay for concept development 1. We had to analyse a game or any other form of entertainment theory using two of eight entertainment theories. I analysed Another Code: Two memories with Experiential theory and Narratological theory. It had to be handed in today.


    Texture study

    This is my VD1 texture assignment, I’m kinda proud of it.

    We had to make a HUD(Game interface), take an element from it, and then apply different textures to it.